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Who we are

Diagnostic Everlight (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is provider of a laboratory instruments, reagents and scientific solutions in Thailand. The company specialized in the distribution of lifescience solutions. Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, universities, research centers and molecular diagnostic laboratories. Talk to us!! We have our distribution team and expertise application supports to fulfill the needs of customers.


Founded in 2004 in Bangkok. The company was emphasized only clinical diagnostic market and distributed the chemical analyzer “Tokyo Boeki” and “Elitech” reagent. In 2011, Yongcharoen family bought whole company shares. The management decision is to focus and capture the business of lifescience market in Thailand.


At Everlight, we have our culture

“Offering total service”

“Offering right product”

“Demand creator”

“Work life Balance”

We create continuous, sustainable growth and maximizing the value of the company. .

Everlight's Vision

Diagnostic Everlight (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. will be one of the leading life science distribution company in Thailand. The researchers will come to us whenever they source their needs for state-of-the-art lifescience solutions.

Everlight’s Mission

  • One leading company distributing life science products (Genomics and Proteomics) in Thailand
  • Creating new life science distribution culture in Thailand
  • Solution provider for lifescience research
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